Why our hosting?

Why it's worth choosing 55i4 WHM Web Hosting?

55i4 cPanel Web Hosting, VPS, & WHM Reseller Accounts are the #1 choice because:.


LiteSpeed Web Servers

Web server serve static content up to 5x faster, and dynamic content up to 40x faster It also makes HTTPS up to 3x faster than Apache.

Choose Your PHP Version

Our servers are packaged with multiple versions of PHP. Select between PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 from your control panel.

24/7/365 Technical support

We offer 24/7/365 Live support to all of our clients. We also offer a white-lable support solution for you to offer your clients as well. Open a ticket or chat live to find out more.

Free cPanel Migration

Moving from another cPanel host? Our technicians will migrate your data and ensure zero downtime throughout the entire process.

How do we do it?

55i4 delivers unmatched scalability and control because we built a different kind of network—a network of networks. Public, private, and management traffic travel across separate network interfaces, segregating and securing traffic while streamlining management.

Our global network boasts more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity between data centers and network points of presence (PoPs). These locations each have multiple 10Gbps transit connections as well as peering links to additional service providers and access networks.

  • Trusted by 1000's.
  • Satisfaction or money back guaranteed.
  • Lifetime updates & support.
  • 24 hour support.
  • We provide the most & the BEST tools ever.

All data centers and PoPs are connected by our private network backbone. This private network is separate from the public network, and it enables you to seamlessly connect your services in our data centers around the world. Move data between servers at no cost, and take advantage of our update and patch servers, software repositories, backend services, and more without interfering with public network traffic.

Our network is built from best-in-class networking infrastructure, hardware, and software with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability. Every upstream network port is multiple 10G or 40G and every rack is terminated with multiple 10G or 40G connections to the public Internet and multiple 10G or 40G connections to our private network.

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For a limited time, 55i4 Web Hosting is offering a free trial on every cPanel Hosting Plans & Every WHM Reseller Plan.


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Years of Experience

Our Team of Experts Have a great amount of years experience combined.